• Q1 Are parking lots available in Nara Park?

    There is no visitors’ parking lots in Nara Park.We recommend to use a prefectural paid parking lot or private coin-operated parking lot around the park.
    Because the park and its surrounding area are crowded in the tourist seasons, we recommend to park your car at a place a little far away from the park, like the area near JR Nara station, and take a “Gurutto Bus” to tour around the selected sightseeing spots or fixed-route bus.

  • Q2 Is there any place where we can have lunch in a rainy day?

    Arbors (shelters) in the park have roofs. Please feel free to use them.
    If you are with a large group like students in an excursion, we recommend to use the space under the eaves of Nara Kasugano International Forum Iraka. The space can accommodate up to 200 people. If you wish to use the space, please contact Nara Kasugano International Forum Iraka by phone (0742-27-2630) in advance on the day. Please take note that the space may not be available depending on the situation on the day. (Advanced reservation is not available.)
    You can also use the space under the veranda of the main building of the Nara Prefectural Office. (No advanced contact required)

  • Q3 Can I play ball in the park?

    Because playing ball or any ball game in the park may cause harm to other people, it is prohibited in the park.

  • Q4 Can I walk my pet in the park?

    You can walk your pet in the park. However, please make sure to keep your dog on a lead and not to let your dog loose, as there are many wild deer in the park.

  • Q5 Can I ride a bicycle in Nara Park?

    It is prohibited in principle to drive a car or ride a bicycle or motorcycle in the park except certain designated area. If you go to the park by bicycle or motorcycle, please park it in the designated parking lot (see the map), and enjoy walking in the park.
    Also, please do not ride a bicycle or motorcycle in the area where riding is prohibited in the nearby temples and shrines.

  • Q6 Can I discard trash in the park?

    There is no trash box in Nara Park. If you leave your trash there, deer may eat it and get sick. So, please make sure to take the trash back with you.

  • Q7 Can I rent a wheelchair in Nara Park?

    You can rent a wheelchair at the Nara Park office and Nara Daibutsu-Mae Parking (parking lot in front of Great Buddha Hall). If you need one, please contact personnel in the office. (Advanced reservation is not available, and the number of wheelchairs is limited.) For further information, please contact the Nara Park office (phone: 0742-22-0375).
    You can also rent a wheelchair in at the following tourist information centers. (Advanced reservation is not available, and the number of wheelchairs is limited.)

    Nara City Sightseeing Information Center (Phone: 0742-22-3900) (* Temporarily closed from Feb. 15, 2017 through Jun. 3, 2017)
    Nara City Tourist Information Center (Phone: 0742-27-2223)
    Tourist Information Center at Kintetsu Nara Station (Phone: 0742-24-4858)

  • Q8 Can I smoke in the park?

    When you smoke in the park, please use the smoking areas where ashtrays are placed. Smoking in the other areas are prohibited. Please do not smoke while walking.

  • Q9 Where can I see deer? Can I see them in night?

    Deer start the day from sunrise and spent morning to evening in the feeding place where they eat grass, but when night comes, they return to the place where they sleep. As they often use woods in the park as their sleeping place, you may see them in the woods even in nighttime.

  • Q10 I saw an injured deer. Where should I contact?

    Please contact the Foundation for the Protection of Deer in Nara.
    For inquiries about deer (general affairs), please contact the Foundation for the Protection of Deer in Nara (Phone: 0742-22-2388).
    Consultation about injured deer: Please contact to deer consultation desk (phone: 0742-26-7755).

  • Q11 When do cherry trees bloom in the park?

    There are many types and a large number of trees in Nara Park, and they usually bloom from the end of March to the beginning of May.*
    In particular, Nara-no-Yaezakura and Nara-no-Kokonoezakura (varieties of double cherry blossom in Nara) are rarely seen in other places.
    (* Please take note that the time of bloom varies depending on the year.)
    For information about bloom of this year, please seed the “Today’s Nara Park” section where pictures of Nara Park on the day are posted.
    For information about the cherry viewing spots, please click here (Nara Park Office Website).