For contact on the day of Mt. Wakakusa Yamayaki

Information on the day of Yamayaki Day Phone: 0180-991-707
Inquiries to: Nara Park Management Office, Nara Prefecture Phone: 0742-27-8677
Emergency Contact, for media, etc. from Mt. Wakakusa Yamayaki Executive Committee Phone: 0742-23-5300

For information regarding the availability of special seating

Umashi-Fuyumeguri Executive Committee Phone: 0742-23-8288

For all information regarding the Yamayaki event

(Nara Park Management Office, Nara Prefecture)
30 Noborioji-cho, Nara City 630-8501

Nara Park Office, Urban Development Bureau, Nara Prefecture
Phone: 0742-27-8677 Fax: 0742-22-7832

Information about traffic control

Nara Park Management Office, Nara Prefecture: 0742-27-8677
Nara Police Station Phone: 0742-20-0110