Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest


Places to visit

Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest has been protected as a sacred precinct of Kasugataisha Shrine for over 1,100 years, when hunting and tree-felling in this forest were prohibited. Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest is designated as a Natural Treasure.
This forest is deeply linked with Japanese people’s traditional perspectives on nature, and since the emergence of primitive religion. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee designated Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest as Cultural Heritage, rather than Natural Heritage.
There are several routes to Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest –

<<Walking along Mt. Kasuga Trail
Walking the 9.4km-long Mt. Kasuga Trail under luxuriant foliage, you feel your mind is at ease. This path is ideal for observing insects and birds, allowing you to feel nature. In some parts, the path goes side-by-side with a stone pavement road called Takisaka-no-michi Road, part of former Yagyu Road leading to Yagyu, a village of master swordsmen. You can also find small stone Buddha statues along the trail.



Tolls in the area (Kamatogi Police Box – Hoyama Police Box *One way only)

Warning!To ensure nature protection, driving is only allowed in limited parts of the primeval forest. Entering inside the forest, using fire, collecting plants, and catching animals are strictly prohibited.

Type Motorcycle Light Vehicle Small-size Vehicle Standard Vehicle Bus (Including Microbus)
Toll 200yen 500yen 900yen 1,000yen 1,900yen
Nara Park Management Office
Nara Park Management Office
543 Shibatsuji-cho, Nara City 630-8114


  • Take Nara Kotsu Bus (Outer City Loop Line) from both JR Nara Station and Kintetsu-Nara station and get off at ‘Wariishi-cho’ bus stop. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the starting point of Mt. Kasuga Trail.
    * Take a Nara-Kotsu bus from both JR Nara Station and Kintetsu-Nara station, to ‘Kasugataisha Honden’ bus stop. You can access the Mt. Kasuga Trail about 10 minutes walk from the bus stop.

<<Driving along the Nara Okuyama Driveway

You can get drive into Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest by taking the privately-operated driveway road.
This course is popular with tourists, because you can explore the primeval forest composed of broad tree cover, and is shaded even in the daytime. Observing trees of more than 1,000 years old will make you feel the magnificence of nature.


  • 遊歩道入口
    Trail entrance. Strolling in the primeval forest starts here.
  • 春日山原始林の世界遺産石碑
    Oharabashi shelter placed on Nara Okuyama Way. Next to the shelter is “Stone Monument to Commemorate World-Heritage listing of Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest.”
  • 首切地蔵休憩舎とトイレ
    Kubikiri Jizo shelter and public toilet. These facilities are often used by hikers.