Kasugataisha Shrine


Places to visit

After walking the long approach to the shrine, passing through the Ichi-no-torii (First gateway), the main shrine buildings, painted in vivid vermillion, appear amongst the green avenue of Japanese cedar trees.
The main shrine buildings and inner cloisters are decorated with Tsuritoro (Hanging lanterns). Ishitoro (Stone lanterns) are placed on both sides of the approach to the shrine. On the days of the Mantoro (Lantern festival) in February and August, all of the lanterns are lit, creating a fantastic atmosphere.



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Kasugataisha Shrine
160 Kasugano-cho, Nara City 630-8212


  • Nara Kotsu Bus (City Loop Line) from both JR Nara Station and Kintetsu-Nara Station
    About 10 minutes walk from ‘Kasugataisha Omotesando’ bus stop
  • Nara Kotsu Bus bound for ‘Kasugataisha Honden’, from both JR Nara Station and Kintetsu-Nara Station.
  • A short walk from ‘Kasugataisha Honden’ bus stop.


  • 一の鳥居
    Ichi-no-torii (First gateway). The approach to the shrine leads east from this large red gateway.
  • 雪消
    Yukige-no-sawa Marsh in Tobihino Park. Was referenced in an ancient poem.
  • ライトアップされた春日大社一の鳥居
    Ichi-no-torii illuminated.
  • 鹿の角切り
    Rokuen (Deer Center). The Deer Antler-Cutting Ceremony is held during the fall. For further details, please contact the Foundation for the Protection of Deer in Nara.
  • 鹿寄
    During winter, you can experience the Deer Gathering event at Tobihino Park, a ceremony to gather deer with the sound of a horn.