Nara Park is dotted with ancient Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, including Kasuga Grand Shrine, Todaiji Temple and Kofukuji Temple. Despite its urban location, Nara Park is an oasis of abundant natural beauty. Since ancient times deer have lived in the park, and their impact on the flora of Nara Park has been significant, giving rise to a unique ecosystem. Among the many plant varieties that inhabit the park are some enormous and ancient trees. Some varieties of plant found here are quite rare.

Many of the flora and fauna of Nara Park are designated as Natural Treasures of Japan. These Natural Treasures, which form an integral part of the park’s natural environment, include Kasugayama Primeval Forest (a Special Natural Treasure of Japan), the deer of Nara, the nagi conifers of Kasuga Grand Shrine, the Nara wild cherry trees (Prunus verecunda ‘antiqua’) of Chisokuin Temple and the lumi-sushijimi butterfly habitat.