Recommended routes

In the Mt. Wakakusa area, you can enjoy viewing seasonal flowers and plants such as cherry blossom in spring, and colorful leaves and pampas grasses in fall. You can enjoy different landscapes of the area from the base, of the mountain, or at the first, second or third hill, or the road surrounding Uguisuzuka Tumulus. Walking time to the top of the mountain is about 30 to 40 minutes. Sweat to bliss!

(Nara Park Management Office)

Mt. Wakakusa
Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest is designated as a Special Natural Monument and part of the UNESCO World-Heritage “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.” The forest houses valuable natural resources. Visitors can walk along the Mt. Kasuga Trail and experience the great nature in the forest.

(Nara Park Management Office)
Mt. Kasuga Primeval Forest
This is the route to visit Nara’s famous shrines and temples including Kohfukuji Temple and Todaiji Temple.
You can also many national treasures in the Nara National Museum. Take your time and walk slowly to enjoy the history and nature in Nara.

(Walk, Nara)
Tour for National Treasures and Ancient Tombs.